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Palepaw of RuinClan

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Palepaw of RuinClan

Post by Clouddapple on Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:47 pm

Name: Palepaw - Palekit - Palesky
Gender: She-cat
Rank/Clan/Group: Apprentice, RuinClan
Age: 8 Moons

Appearance: Palepaw is a lovely pale grey she-cat with green eyes. She has white paws and fluffy fur. She has soft white patches on her side, however they are hardly noticeable. She has Vitiligo, which means as she ages, she gains white spots on her fur. This was noticed by her parents because she gained a white patch on her shoulder.
Personality: Palepaw is a shy, but bouncy cat. When you get to know her, she will be your best friend for life. She often loves to tell others about her experiences and she loves to listen to the elders. Palepaw wishes she could be more of a help to her clan, more important, however this will probably never happen. She enjoys training and wants to be the best warrior there is.
History: Palepaw was born to Stormlily and Thunderlight of RuinClan. She was born with no siblings. She had nothing interesting happen to her and currently hasn't, except her finding the white patch. When Palepaw was almost six moons old, she found a white patch on her shoulder that definatly wasn't there a week ago. She showed her mother, who agreed and her mother forced her to go to the medicine den. The medicine cat had no idea what it was so she made Palepaw stay with her. Palepaw's seventh moon had passed and no one knew if she was sick or not. Finally getting frustrated, she told Darkstar these exact words; "If you don't make me an apprentice, I swear I will tear your ears off." After this, Darkstar made her an apprentice.
Skills (Out of Ten):
Speed - 5/10
Strength - 4/10
Stamina - 7/10
Fighting - 7/10
Hunting - 5/10
Fishing - 1/10
Swimming - 0/10
Climbing - 0/10
Memory - 8/10
Herb Lore - 0/10
Smarts - 8/10

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