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Darkstar of RuinClan

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Darkstar of RuinClan

Post by Darkscratch on Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:40 pm

Name: Darkstar
Gender: Tom-Cat
Rank/Clan/Group: Leader/RuinClan
Age: 42 Moons

Appearance: Darkstar is a tuxedo tom with pale green eyes. His Fur is medium length.
Personality: Darkstar is a power hungry cat. But this tough exterior isn't who he truly is. Under that rough exterior, he is kind and shy towards his clan mates but also kind hearted as a leader.
History: Darkstar wasn't always a clan cat he was abandoned by his parents at a young age. When he was alone someone found him her name was flowerstar the original leader of RuinClan. He was happy at the start but soon he realised this was not him. Flowerstar named him Darkkit, soon he felt like running away from this life, go on a adventure or start a new life. However something made him stay, it was a Tom-cat. Darkkit soon looked up to him and wanted to stay in RuinClan. In Darkkits dreams he met a She-cat and her name was Clouddapple, she trained him whenever he fell asleep to become a warrior. After the death of Flowerstar and the deputy he was announced leader and got nine lives.
Skills (Out of Ten):
Speed - 7/10
Strength - 6/10
Stamina - 4/10
Fighting - 9/10
Hunting - 2/10
Fishing - 0/10
Swimming - 0/10
Climbing - 5/10
Memory - 5/10
Herb Lore - 0/10
Smarts - 8/10

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Re: Darkstar of RuinClan

Post by Clouddapple on Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:41 am

Well done! He is accepted! You may roleplay once I make the topics lol

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