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Hopecloud of TundraClan

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Hopecloud of TundraClan

Post by Clouddapple on Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:42 am

Name: Hopecloud Hopekit ~ Hopepaw Hopestar
Gender: Tom
Rank/Clan/Group: Deputy, TundraClan
Age: 28 moons

Appearance: Hopecloud is a handsome brown and white patched tom with amber eyes. His back left leg is missing from an old injury when he was younger.
Personality: Hopecloud is full of hope and Selflessness. He will do anything for another cat, no matter what they have done. He is very loyal to his clan and will do anything for his leader, Silverstar. He loves learning about new things and is persistent. He is very friendly, loving to meet other cats.
History: Hopekit was born with Stormkit and Starkit to Angelsky, TundraClan's old medicine cat and Rockclaw, VolcanoClan's warrior. When he was two moons old, he and his siblings were stolen from the camp and Stormkit was given to a rogue. Angelsky and Rockclaw were able to get them back, with help from Silverstar. After this, he became Hopepaw at 6 moons, being Silverstar's apprentice. When his mother and father died protecting his clan, he fell into a depression, however when Silverstar's deputy died, he became the deputy. He didn't want to but he did.
Skills (Out of Ten):
Speed - 5/10
Strength - 4/10
Stamina - 10/10
Fighting - 6/10
Hunting - 9/10
Fishing - 2/10
Swimming - 1/10
Climbing - 7/10
Memory - 10/10
Herb Lore - 1/10
Smarts - 7/10

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