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Meet the Staff!

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Meet the Staff!

Post by Clouddapple on Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:42 pm

This is a topic for the Moderators, Medicine cats and Leaders post introductions about themselves. Read them to get to know them before you actually meet them.

You might know a bit about me from the introduction message, but here's my introduction.

I'm Clouddapple, leader of Starclan. However, you can call me Cloud, or Dapple, I don't actually mind. I am from Australia and I am in 7-12th grade. I will not put out my actual grade, because security. I love dance, music and horses. I am also a massie warrior fan. I know Silverstar in real life.
Here's a bit about Clouddapple, my OC:
Clouddapple was born as Cloudkit, to Thalia and Adderstar. Adderstar was the leader back then. This was just after Tundrastar had died and all the other leaders had passed away. Adderstar had met Thalia, who was a kittypet at the time. Thalia joined Tundraclan when she found out she was expecting his kits. She had Cloudkit, Palekit and Cherrykit. Over the next six moons, the three got into a lot of trouble. Cloudkit was apprenticed to Ashendawn, the deputy at the time. Cloudpaw became respected in her clan because of her wise ideas and she became Clouddapple. However, she was kicked out of Tundraclan because of being framed for cat. She travelled, only to find the Moon-stream and found herself in Starclan. They told her that she had a destiny, so she went back and found out who was the actual murderer. She was made deputy because of Ashendawn's death, however she was killed by another clanmate soon after. She was welcomed to Starclan. Starclan, however, when she got there, Starclan was a mess. She reunited it and they voted her the leader. She refused a leader name, saying she would rather be beside her clanmates then in front of them.

Well, that's my introduction! Moderators, Medicine cats and Leaders, post please!

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Re: Meet the Staff!

Post by Silverstar on Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:10 pm

You probably don't know me but I am Silverstar leader of what is now Tundraclan here's her back story in case you're wondering.

BTW I am ? yrs old I am in grade 7-12 and I know Clouddapple in real life. At the moment I am writing a warriors fan fic.

Her parents were Rainfur and Silverfur, she was blessed with two siblings as well; Snowkit and Waterkit. After time she and her siblings were apprenticed to three experienced mentors. Once she was named a warrior tragedy and despair fell over the clan... Greencough. She did everything she could do to help. Not long after Greencough left the camp, sister had three beautiful kits one of which was apprenticed to her. She loved being a mentor and was filled with pride when her apprentice became a warrior. A couple days later her father was found dead, who was deputy at the time, blood stains all over his matted fur. The leader, Rainstar (Silverlight's mother), had to choose a deputy, and fast. She chose Silverlight for her courage and loyalty. Soon after her mother died from an unknown decease. Silverlight became Silverstar taking over her clan with prosperity.

Hope you enjoyed her backstory! Razz

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Re: Meet the Staff!

Post by Darkscratch on Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:45 pm

Hi I'm Darkstar..........
I'm a shy person sorry

That's fine dark! I'll introduce you!
Everyone this is Darkscratch, a friend of mine in rl. He's really shy but awesome to talk to!

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Re: Meet the Staff!

Post by Sponsored content

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