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The Clans History

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The Clans History

Post by Clouddapple on Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:19 am

Long Ago
Legend says that before TundraClan, VolcanoClan, GladeClan and RuinClan, there were a group of cats who lived in the territory of each clan. The clan cats called themselves by their leaders name; Lily's Group, Rock's Group and Maple's Group. Rock's Group lived in the area that is now VolcanoClan. Maple's Group lived in the area that is now GladeClan and Lily's group lived south of Maple's Group. The cats lived in peace and harmony, never bothering the humans that lived across the river from them. This was until a group of cats came along. These cats caused the groups to attack them after they stole Maple's kits. After this, the three groups disbanded and all went to the Human's Camp, where they became Kittypets.

Two hundred Moons Ago
Four siblings, Kate, Bailey, Riley and Belle, escape from a twoleg van that has come to the old Human Camp. These four cats meet with the remints of the groups. They all decide to move away from the old Human's home and the group finds the camp of Maple's Group. They settle down, however over the next twenty moons, they realise the group is too big for this space of territory. So, the groups then spilt. Each cat joined one of the siblings. Soon, Kate had the most cats, Bailey had the same amount as Riley and Belle had the least amount. This caused Kate to tell Belle to just join one of their groups, however Belle refused. They came up with names for their group; GladeClan was Kate's, she wanted a softer name that helped her surroundings, VolcanoClan was Bailey's, he wanted a strong name to be feared, RuinClan was Riley's, He wanted to settle in the ruins of the old human camp and TundraClan was Belle's, she wanted to go into the mountains and make her home there. The cats went their own ways, with promises to meet in GladeClan's camp on the next full moon. RuinClan went to the old Human's Camp, GladeClan stayed, TundraClan went to Rock's Group area, before moving east and finding a nice area for them. VolcanoClan found Rock's Group and decided to live there. From then on, it was peace for that time.

One Hundred and Seventy Moons Ago
After the beginning of the clans, Kate found the Moon-Stream. It was a stream of water that allowed the cats who went there to speak to their warrior ancestors, or Starclan. Kate got her nine lives and became Gladestar. StarClan told her that they needed a deputy and a medicine cat for each clan as well as a leader and that the medicine cat would come to the Moon-Stream every half moon to speak to StarClan and share knowledge with the other medicine cats. Gladestar told the other leaders this and each leader went to the Moon-Stream, becoming leaders. Bailey became Volcanostar, Riley became Ruinstar and Belle became Tundrastar.

One Hundred and Forty Moons Ago
After the deaths of Ruinstar, Tundrastar, Gladestar and Volcanostar, there came a new order of leaders; Jaggedstar of RuinClan, Adderstar of TundraClan, Robinstar of GladeClan and Hailstar of VolcanoClan. These leaders continued the legacy of the past leaders. After Clouddapple was born, StarClan gave a prophecy of power. The clan cats threw her out after she was framed for murder. She went to the Moon-Stream and saved the clan from the murderer. After her death, she reunited StarClan. She became Clouddapple, leader of StarClan. After this, StarClan gave more omens and prophecies to the clans.

Fifty Moons Ago
A group of rogues moved into the clans territory, taking over RuinClan and killing both their leader and their deputy. RuinClan was helped by the rest of the clans, however the lack of a leader soon had RuinClan in shambles. Luckily, StarClan sent them a message of darkness and they chose Darkscratch as their new leader. However, Darkscratch became powerhungry.


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