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Character Guides

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Character Guides

Post by Clouddapple on Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:55 am

So, you've gotten past the rules and horrible introductions, its now time to create your character!
Remember, a character is what you roleplay. It must be likeable by you, however if another person has a problem with them and you do not see why, please contact a leader or deputy.

Rules for Characters
Characters may not be 'the prettiest cat you have ever seen' or 'fastest in the clan'. This is to allow friendly competition between characters and also be able to be realistic, even if being the fastest. Being the fastest in the clan may be concluded in the roleplay, however.
Characters may be a part of the LGBTIQ community. However, at this moment, we ask for no Transgender cats. This will cause confusion for the roleplayers and the cats. Clouddapple may add a way for cats of the LGBTIQ community to have kits, either by adopting another cat's kits or just poofing the kits into existence, but for now its just the cats.
Please no Mary or Gary Sue's, since they are really hard and annoying to roleplay with.

Now onto the characters:

Name: This should be your character's name; it can be a rogue's name or a wariors name, however remember that a warrior's name is written as Cloudkit, Cloudpaw, Clouddapple, Cloudstar, not CloudKit, CloudPaw, CloudDapple, CloudStar or Cloud Kit, Cloud Paw, Cloud Dapple, Cloud Star, etc. Rogue names can be anything, unless they weren't a kittypet or their parents were kittypets.
Gender: This should be simple.
Rank/Clan/Group: What rank are they in their clan or group? Leader, Medicine cat, warrior etc.
Age:How old is your character (in moons)

Appearance: What does your character look like? For example: Clouddapple is a pretty calico she-cat with green eyes. Her fur is quite soft and short. Her patches range from dark brown to light ginger. (2-5 sentences)
Personality: A character must have a balanced personality. They may not have all bad traits or all good traits. For Example: Clouddapple is a hyper-active she-cat that doesnt pay attention when people talk to her. She loves to hunt and fight for her clan. She loves her family and if it comes between her clan and her family, she will choose kin over clan. She is very annoying. (3-6 sentences)
History: The basic History of your cat. Important events, etc.
Skills:Must include; Speed, Strength, Stamina, Fighting, Hunting, Fishing, Swimming, Climbing, Memory, Herb Lore and Smarts.

Well, that's all that's to it! Here's a cleaner copy:

[u]Skills (Out of Ten):[/u]
Speed - /10
Strength - /10
Stamina - /10
Fighting - /10
Hunting - /10
Fishing - /10
Swimming - /10
Climbing - /10
Memory - /10
Herb Lore - /10
Smarts - /10

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